Central Library

NO DUES Procedure for Graduating Batch 2019
1. Return all the books and settle issues of lost / damaged books, outstanding fine, etc. at the Return Counter as usual.
2. Collect the No Dues Form from the Digital Library and fill-in the required fields.
3. Proceed to Digital Library to upload the soft copy of your final accepted thesis / project report as per the guidelines* and get the submitted seal
4. Go to the No Dues counter of the stack room again for the removal of barcode, getting the library round seal and signature of the library staff
GUIDELINES for submitting thesis / project report at the Nalanda Digital Library

Please carry two files in PDF format with you, first one containing pages of your report / thesis upto and including Abstract, named as [Roll No]_Abstract.pdf, and second one containing the full report with all pages (including those in the first file), named as [Roll No]_Full.pdf

For example, if your Roll number is M150516CS, the two files should be named as M150516CS_Abstract.pdf and M150516CS_Full.pdf respectively. In case of projects done in groups (like B.Tech), the uploads need to be done only once and files named with the Roll number of any member of the group. Staff in the Digital Library will assist you with the online submission once you have the two files ready in the current naming and format.

Once you complete the online submission, your supervisor / project guide will receive an email to approve the same. Your guide has to use a computer in the NITC Intranet to approve your thesis. If he/she is out of campus and you require No Dues urgently, you may request your supervisor to entrust the project co-ordinator in your department to approve the thesis on his/her behalf. You need to fill an extra form (available in the Digital Library) and get the project co-ordinator's signature if this provision is to be used. In this case, the project co-ordinator will receive the email for approving your thesis.

After your thesis is approved, you may visit the Digital Library again to get submitted stamp on the reverse side of the No Dues form.